Oh Monday, we meet again.  The weekend was a whole bunch of fun, but I swear, it still wasn’t long enough! I even had three days off…THREE.DAYS! Ugh.  What did we do, you ask?  Well, let me tell you….

Friday morning we ventured out for a coffee date then met up with family.  How cute is Mila and her cousin, Henry?  

Later that day, we started Mila on solids!  Avocado to be exact.  She loved it.  LOVED.IT!  I couldn’t feed the kid fast enough.  She is her mother’s child! 

The rest of the weekend was spent doing random things…you know, the things that are too boring for the good ol’ blog.  

Well, maybe it wasn’t all boring.  We did manage to make a pumpkin heath bar cake!  It was delicious, but I gotta tell ya….it doesn’t taste like pumpkin!  It was a nice change-up to the chocolate version, though.  

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of the weekend….date night! We spent the evening at home watching movies.  Such a good time!

To top off the weekend, we spent way to much money on books….if that’s even possible.  I’ve started on two…or should I say we have started two.  

  • The Happiness Project:  this book is about a year dedicated to happiness.  Hence the name, The Happiness Project.  You can read the specifics here.
  • All About Us:  This one isn’t a book like you think…it’s a book of questions.  For you and your significant other.  Ryan and I started it last night.  It asks questions about your past, present and future.  You know, like what do you want from each other.  It’s questions you wouldn’t normally ask.  So far it’s good.  I’ll give a full account once we’ve finished it!

So tell me, what fun things did you do this weekend?!

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